About us

Our story

Founded in 1995 with the aim of promoting ancient books online, Maremagnum.com is, to date, the most important Italian site for the search of ancient, used, and out-of-catalogue books.
At the beginning there were 6 bookstores participating, all Italian, and since then Maremagnum.com has only grown in importance and quality.


Our goal is to make you find what you think is impossible to find!
On Maremagnum.com you can search among more than 10 million books, prints, comics, periodicals, autographs and much more.
Love for the book and thirst for knowledge are the ingredients with which we work every day.

A definition

Maremagnum.com is the continuation of a 300-year dream.
In 1701 the abbot and bibliophile Francesco Marucelli printed the frontispiece of a universal bibliography he was considering publishing: the MareMagnum omnium materiarum, a universal bibliography in 111 volumes in folio.
Maremagnum.com is the continuation on internet of Marucelli's work.

In short

What is Maremagnum.com?

  • An online platform for the sale of old, second-hand, and new books
  • A network of professional bookshops
  • An organizer of exhibitions and antique book markets
  • A promoter and a cultural aggregator

Our numbers...

  • Over 10 million books to look for
  • More than 600 participating Italian and foreign bookshops
  • 10.000 visitors per day

Why choose Maremagnum.com?

  • Independence, professionalism and availability
  • professional booksellers guaranteeing the quality of the product


  • Customized services for Italian and foreign public libraries
  • Customized services for bookstores chain
  • interest-free installment payments
  • Estimation of antique books with Marelibrorum.com
  • Desiderata
  • Customer care including libraries, booksellers and publishers
  • Advertising services

Enjoy the shopping of good books on Maremagnum.com!