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Books, are sources of passionate collecting and are divided into two categories: ancient or rare books and the so-called "modern antiques". The boundary line, between the two, is traditionally placed in the year 1830.
Up to that date, the book was considered an artisan object, with the advantages and disadvantages that follow; all its constituent parts (from the packaging of the paper to the binding) were the product of manual processes, which is why, up to the beginning of the 19th century, the average circulation was about 300 copies.
  1. Thumb_bibliographie-seiner-drucke-schriften-69ffc00b-b5e7-426e-9e53-4c7cecb3e268
    • GUIDO PRESSLER, 1962
    • Bookshop: Brighenti libri esauriti e rari (Italy)
    • ILAB-LILA Member
    • Bibliographic details: Benzing, Josef. Wiesbaden, Guido Pressler, 1962. Bibliographie seiner Drucke und Schriften. In-8°, cartoncino edit. con pellicola trasparente di protezione. 87 pp. Come nuovo. Uff. A - II - 3 - 2 Read more
    • ZüRICH: ARCHE.(1975).
    • Bookshop: Schwarz und Grömling GbR. (Germany)
    • Bibliographic details: Gr. 8°. (ca. 23 x 19,8 cm). 44 S. Original-Pappband mit Rückentitel und illustriertem Deckel, mit illustriertem Originalschutzumschlag. Umschlag etwas gerändert, Namenseintrag auf Vorsatz, sonst gut erhalten. Insgesamt guter Zustand. "Mit mehrfarbigen Tafeln und Handzeichnungen, Lebensdaten, Selbstzeugnissen und Stimmen der Freunde". Read more
    • MüNCHEN: PRESTEL.(1988).
    • Bookshop: Schwarz und Grömling GbR. (Germany)
    • Bibliographic details: Gr. 8°. (ca. 23 x 23 cm). 240 S. Original-Karton mit Rückentitel und illustriertem Deckeltitel. Einband mit geringen Gebrauchsspuren, gut erhalten. Insgesamt guter Zustand. Der Band enthält zahlreiche Abbildungen (schwarz-weiss/farbig) aus dem Werk der Künstlerin. Read more
    • LINGEN: LUCA VERLAG.(1992).
    • Bookshop: Schwarz und Grömling GbR. (Germany)
    • Bibliographic details: 4°. (ca. 29,7 x 25 cm). 199 p. (English Language). Original boards (hardcover) with title to spine and to front cover, with the illustrated dust jacket. (= Flemish Painters in the circle of the Great Masters: Volume 5). Dust jacket with some rubbing and a bit scuffed, paper inside with low browning at the edges. Generally in good used condition. The publication contains a lot of coloured and black/white images. - - - ACHTUNG! Dieses Buch kann wegen seines Gewichts oder seiner Größe nur als PAKET verschickt werden. Innerhalb Deutschlands 5,80 Euro. (Portokosten ins Ausland bitte erfragen.) /... Read more
    • Bookshop: Dan Wyman Books LLC (United States)
    • Bibliographic details: 155 pages; First edition. Original illustrated paper wrappers with colorful period modernist illustration in both Hebrew and English/German versions. 8vo, 155 leaves (310 pages) + 26 pages, 23 cm. Text in English, Hebrew and German. Beautifully illustrated throughout with period advertisements and line drawings. Meyer's cookbook begins with the question "What shall I cook?" and offers solutions for the new housewife in the Land of Israel. It offers recipes that are conducive to the new climate and culture. The introduction says it all: "We housewives must make an attempt to free our kitchen... Read more
  2. Thumb_lublin-extermination-camp-cded1e7e-5e8d-47e3-8549-6e44026a94e9
    • Bookshop: Dan Wyman Books LLC (United States)
    • Bibliographic details: Original Illustrated Wrappers. 8vo. 21 pages. 22 cm. Illustrated. First edition.10 pages of black and white photographs showing the camp, which is more commonly known as Majdanek, after the Soviet liberation. Translation of “Lager’ unichtozheniia.” This is among the first books published on Majdanek. Author’s description and history of the camp constructed through observation and witness interviews. Also includes a brief communiqué from the Polpress Agency, a news agency started in Moscow to provide wartime news related to Poland, and a statement from Wehrmacht Oberfeldkommandant Moser, who... Read more
  3. Thumb_list-rabbis-germany-members-agudat-israel-7747d48c-d52b-4076-893b-6bef48ec4ea1
    • Bookshop: Dan Wyman Books LLC (United States)
    • Bibliographic details: No Date [1934]. [2] typewritten pages, 30cm x 21 cm. 2-page membership list from the first full-year of Hitler’s full power in Germany, showing approximately 75 current members with city and address. Agudath Israel was founded in Kattowitz, German Empire (now Katowice, Poland), in 1912, with the purpose of providing an umbrella organization for observant Jews who opposed the Zionist movement. In Erez Israel, Agudat Yisrael was established as a branch of this movement, to provide opposition to the organized Jewish community (the "Yishuv"). One of its most authoritative spokesmen against the ... Read more
    • Bookshop: Dan Wyman Books LLC (United States)
    • Bibliographic details: 1st edition. Folio. Newspaper. Primarily in German, with some Czech. Includes Vol III, Nrs 1-4, 6-46, 48-52 [Jan 3- Dec 26, 1941, and Vol IV Nrs 1-51 [Jan 2- Dec 18 1942. Both years include one double-issue, for a total of 101 issues in a nearly unbroken 2-year run. In the pages of this Nazi controlled but thoroughly Jewish newspaper one can see the noose closing in on the Jews of Occupied Central Europe. Volume III, for 1941, starts out with 10 pages per issue and photos on the front page of each issue. But soon the size begins to shrink, and by late July, each issue comprises only 4 pages... Read more
    • ALBANY: J. MUNSELL, 1854
    • Bookshop: Dan Wyman Books LLC (United States)
    • Bibliographic details: 1st Edition. Singerman 1864. Original Boards. 8vo. [xxiv], 560 pages; 23 cm. In English. This is the first published work by Isaac Mayer Wise. Wise was an American Reform rabbi, editor, and author, and a founder of Hebrew Union College. "During his lifetime Isaac M. Wise was regarded as the most prominent Jew of his time in the United States. His genius for organization was of a very high order; and he was masterful, rich in resources, and possessed of an inflexible will. More than of any of his contemporaries, it may be said of him that he left the impress of his personality upon the devel... Read more
    • Bookshop: Dan Wyman Books LLC (United States)
    • Bibliographic details: 1st edition. Original paper wrappers. 8vo. 38 pages, 24cm. Singerman S143. Anuual collection of Reform sermons, published out of Richmond, VA, which ran 7 volumes, from 1899-1905. The editor, Herbert Ezekiel, was part of a leading historical Jewish family in Richmond. The Union of American Hebrew Congregations, now known as the Union for Reform Judaism, was founded in 1873 by Rabbi Isaac Mayer Wise and oversees the Reform Jewish movement in the United States (Wikipedia, 2019). The chairman at this time was Edward Nathan Calisch. Calisch studied at the University of Cincinnati and was ordain... Read more
    • Bookshop: Dan Wyman Books LLC (United States)
    • Bibliographic details: 5607 (1847). 1st English-language edition. Original boards, 12mo, [4], 140 pages. Singerman 968. Published by Isaac Leeser's first Jewish Publication Society. Jonas Ennery (1801-1863) was a French deputy. He was for twenty-six years attached to the Jewish school of Strasbourg, of which he became the head. In collaboration with Hirth, he compiled a Dictionnaire Général de Géographie Universelle (4 vols., Strasburg, 1839–41), for which Cuvier wrote a preface. Soon afterward he published Le Sentier d'Israël, ou Bible des Jeunes Israélites (Paris, Metz, and Strasburg, 1843). At the request of t... Read more
    • Bookshop: Dan Wyman Books LLC (United States)
    • Bibliographic details: First Edition. Original printed paper wrappers, 8vo, 72 pages. Title translates as: Melitz Yosher or Rabbi Yozelmann: A Historical Opera of the Decrees of Alsace in 5 Acts and 23 Sketches." Singerman 5743. Abraham Goldfaden, (1840–1908), was Yiddish poet, dramatist, composer, and father of the Yiddish theater. Born in Staro Konstantinov, Ukraine, he received not only a thorough Hebrew education but also acquired a knowledge of Russian, German, and secular subjects. To avoid the draft, Goldfaden was sent to a government school at 15 and there came under the influence of his teacher Abraham B... Read more
    • NEW YORK: P. COWEN, 1899
    • Bookshop: Dan Wyman Books LLC (United States)
    • Bibliographic details: 1st edition. Original boards, 12mo, 13 pages. Singerman 5599; Wachs 565. Rare 19th Century Sunday "Shabbat" service booklet. "In 1885, the Reform rabbinical conference in Pittsburgh unanimously agreed that Shabbat was too important to be limited to Saturday. Essentially, if people could not get off of work to come to services on Saturday they should still strive to attend a service at a synagogue or temple, even if that meant doing so on Sunday…. Reform rabbis in America weren't advocating transferring Shabbat services to Sunday altogether. Rather, they were offering a supplementary servi... Read more
    • Bookshop: Dan Wyman Books LLC (United States)
    • Bibliographic details: 1st edition. 4to, period boards, [4] 82, [1], 25 leaves [aproximately 224 pages]. In Hebrew, with some German on title page. Vinograd: Prague, 1165. StCB: 5867, 3; Jewish Museum 179. Contents:helek 1. Hilkhot ishut, perek 1-10; helek 2. Hilkhot ishut, perek 11-25; helek 3. Hilkhot gerushin. Hilkhot yibum va-halitsah. She'elot u-teshuvot. Maftehot. Novellae to Maimonides of the laws pertaining to women (i.e. divorce, relationships, and marriage) by Rabbi Jonathan ben Nathan Nata Eybeschutz (1690/95–1764), the talmudist kabbalist, and child prodigy. In his youth, after the death of his father... Read more
    • Bookshop: Dan Wyman Books LLC (United States)
    • Bibliographic details: No Date [1945-1947]. 1st Post-war edition, original paper wrappers, 8vo, 124 pages ; 20 cm. In Yiddish. Published in Germany after the war for for Holocaust survivors in the DP Camps. Title translates as, "Discussion on the Purification of the Family Held by ... Avraham Duber Kahana Shapira ... At the First Lithuanian Conference of the Religious Women's Organization "Beit Yaakov", Sunday, the first day of Chanuka, 1936, in Kaunas (Kovno) . " Inside cover notes, "Authorized by United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Association, U. S. Zone, Team 503." Includes bibliographical references. Ed... Read more
    • CINCINNATI, BLOCH & CO., 1884
    • Bookshop: Dan Wyman Books LLC (United States)
    • Bibliographic details: First edition, original cloth, 8vo, IV, [4], 94 pages. Singerman 3261. Deinard 438, Goldman 290. Krauskopf (1858-1923) , an American Reform rabbi, "was born in Ostrowo, Prussia. He settled in the U. S. In 1872 and enrolled in 1875 in the first class of Hebrew Union College, receiving his ordination in 1883. After serving a congregation in Kansas City, Missouri, in 1887 Krauskopf became rabbi of the Reform Congregation Kenesseth Israel, Philadelphia, which he served for the remainder of his life. Krauskopf became a leader of radical Reform, introducing Sunday services and compiling a Service... Read more
    • CHICAGO: J. LITZKIN, 895
    • Bookshop: Dan Wyman Books LLC (United States)
    • Bibliographic details: First edition. Original Paper Wrappers, 8vo, 32 pages. Singerman 4905. Early Chicago Yiddish Imprint. Isaac Reingold is the pen name of Isaac Toomim (1873-1903) , a Russian-born American poet, lyricist, and singer, born in 1873 in Oder, near Loytsk (Lutsk) , Volhynia, Ukraine, into a Hasidic family. He received a strict religious education; his father was bitterly opposed to the Enlightenment. His poetry and his couplets—often set to melodies of famous English-language popular songs—were popular with working-class audiences. He sang well and performed in concert halls and workers' gathe... Read more
    • Bookshop: Dan Wyman Books LLC (United States)
    • Bibliographic details: 1st edition. Broadside (single sheet) , 20cm x 14cm. A patriotic statement issued by a conference of Reform rabbis on the Fourth of July. Thanks the British government for pledging Palestine as a Jewish homeland, but insists that "Jews in America are part of the American nation. The ideal of the Jew is not the establishment of a Jewish state. " Signed in type by Edward N. Calisch as chair and 18 others. The American Reform Movement's resolution against the establishment of a Jewish Homeland. Notably issued on July 4th (clearly emphasizing American ties) , seven months following Balfour's De... Read more
    • NEW YORK, 1948
    • Bookshop: Dan Wyman Books LLC (United States)
    • Bibliographic details: 1st edition, Original paper wrappers, 4to (large) , 67 pages. Documents the the Israeli side in the War of Independence as presented at UN meetings and discussions between May 15 and July 15, 1948, including the sequence of events from the day of the declaration of independence to July 15, 1945: the invasion of Arab armies, and the course of battles. Through the efforts of The UN mediator, Count Polka Brandt, ceasefire was negotiated and the parties agreed to a four-week truce, which was breached by the Arab countries. The State of Israel's loyalty to the United Nations is presented in the ... Read more
    • BIALYSTOK, 1806
    • Bookshop: Dan Wyman Books LLC (United States)
    • Bibliographic details: 1st edition, later boards, square 8vo, 24 leaves (48 pages) . A gathering of the gaonim, including Rabbi Yehoshua Heshil of Krakow, on various issues. Bindstamp to title page, stains, some worming, Good Condition. (Rab-66-20) Read more


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