Man on the Moon: 50 years later

On July 20, 1969, Neil Alden Armstrong was the first man to step on the Moon's ground and leave the world open-mouthed. These were the times of the space race, of the feverish desire to reach the boundaries that man, ... Read more

Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin

Game of Thrones, the saga that in the USA alone has exceeded 30 million spectators for the final season, concludes, at least on television. But what do we know about the novel?  A Game of Thrones, is the first bo... Read more

Offers for... Mom

Mother's Day has arrived on!For the occasion we have selected over 20.000 books with discounts of up to 50%! This year don't give her with the usual flowers, celebrate your mom with a nice book. Read more

Easter discounts

The spring of books on has arrived. Discover the selection of old, used, rare, out of print and new books that the bookshops participating in the site have decided to discount. There are over 100,000 bo... Read more

The Last Supper, texts and representations

When Jesus arrived at the upper room, he took his place at the table along with all the apostles. Then he told them, “I have longed with passion and desire to eat this Passover lamb with you before I endure my sufferi... Read more


Spring, the season of rebirth after winter. The etymology of the term comes from the Latin ver, a variant from Sanskrit vas= shine. Since ancient times, in every age and culture, the beginning of spring has been accom... Read more

Chocolate eggs

It is now common practice to share chocolate eggs at Easter. This is an ancient tradition, which finds in the symbolism of the egg the meaning of rebirth. But when were the first chocolate eggs introduced? Some say th... Read more