First Editions

In the field of books, and especially in collecting, we hear about the first edition or original edition. The term "first edition" refers to the first publication of a printed work; it is often the case that the term "editio princeps", which has the same meaning, is also used. The first editions, in most cases, and when the book becomes a successful publishing case, can reach very high prices. But how much can a first edition be worth and what are the parameters that contribute to a market estimate? It depends on a number of factors: for example, the state of conservation or the initial print run. Or again: is there an important autograph? Are there typos or graphical "errors" corrected in subsequent editions? In this regard, in contemporary times, a well-known example is the first edition of "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone", of which you can read the interesting editorial story on our blog. All we can do is wish you a good search!

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