The father of the modern printed book

Johann Gutenberg is nearly universally credited with being the inventor of the printing press, and the father of the modern printed book. Gutenberg was an early communications catalyst who invention of the printed book opened up the world to the quick and efficient spread of knowledge and ideas. The Gutenberg Bibles, which dates from the 1450s, are considered to be the first books printed in the Western world and, although they don't bear the printer's name anywhere in the volumes, are attributed to Gutenberg's first printing efforts.

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    • MAARIF VEKâLETI, 1939
    • Bookshop: Khalkedon Books, IOBA (Turkey)
    • Bibliographic details: Fine English Yeni yapilmis estetik bez cildinde. Cr. 8vo. (20 x 14 cm). In Turkish. 111, [2] p. 44 s/b levha. Türk matbaaciligi I: Müteferrika Matbaasi.", Selim Nüzhet Gerçek, Maarif Vekâleti, Ist., 1939. -- Ibrahim Müteferrika Baski Tasbaski Kurum tarihi Gutenberg Osmanli sosyal tarihi Osmanli kültürü. Read more
    • NAUKA YAYINEVI, 1972
    • Bookshop: Khalkedon Books, IOBA (Turkey)
    • Bibliographic details: Fine English Paperback. Roy. 8vo. (24 x 17 cm). In Turkish. 173 p. Matbaaciligin 250. kurulus yildönümüne armagan. Türkiye'nin sosyo-politik ve kültürel hayatinda basin.", A.D. JELTYAKOV ve digerleri, Hürriyet Ofset, Ankara, 1979. -- Matbaa Sosyal tarih Gutenberg Müteferrika Kitap basimi. Read more
    • Bookshop: Khalkedon Books, IOBA (Turkey)
    • Bibliographic details: Very Good English Paperback. 4to. (28 x 20 cm). In Turkish. [24], 327, [41] p., b/w and color ills, no date, many b/w plts. and maps. "Kayseri il yilligi 1968. -IMZALI-, Gutenberg Matbaasi, Ankara" Signed by Abdullah Asim (Governor of Kayseri City) as "Sayin Celal Kayacan Mardin Valisi Kayseri il yilligini takdim ediyorum saygilarimi sunarim Kayseri Valisi Abdullah Asim Igneciler" REFERENCE Turkey Annual Burdur Kayseri Caesaria. Read more
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    • Bookshop: Antiquariat Schwarz (Germany)
    • Bibliographic details: Gr.8°. 717 S. Rotes Original Leinen mit Rückentitel. Farbig illustrierter Original Umschlag mit Rücken- und Deckeltitel. Umschlag mit stärkeren Gebrauchsspuren. Eine Seite mit kleiner Randläsur, letztes Buchdrittel papierbedingt minimal gegilbt. Sonst gut erhalten. Bücher de Read more
  4. Thumb_galassia-gutenberg-nascita-dell-uomo-tipografico-rist-edc4f860-6d09-492e-9683-365852ab0358

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    • Bookshop: Libreria Antiquaria Pregliasco (Italy)
    • Bibliographic details: in-8 piccolo, pp.  23, 4 tavole a p. pagina di fac-simili, 2 delle quali ripiegate;  broch. edit. , titolo in nero al piatto anteriore.  Estratto da: L'Italia che scrive  XXIV, 1941, numeri 1-2, pagine 15-19. Buon esemplare (ma minuscoli forellini, quasi certamente segno di una graffetta, all'angolo superiore di tutti i fogli, quasi impercettibili e ininfluenti per la lettura). . . Read more

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    • LONDON, BERNARD QUARITCH, 1897,, 1897
    • Bookshop: Libreria Antiquaria Pregliasco (Italy)
    • Bibliographic details: in-4, pp. XIV, 312. Coperta in carta d'epoca.  Monumentale e celebre catalogo,  frutto di 20 anni di assiduo lavoro di Quaritch, che tra i 364 volumi presentati include anche la Bibbia di Gutenberg; quest'opera è tra i più importanti cataloghi mai pubblicati da un libraio. "The collection is the fruit of assiduous gathering during twenty years, and although made by a mere bookseller, is one which many museums might be proud of. It illustrates with sufficient clearness and fulness the early history of the Art which has been the most powerful agent in the work of Civilisation.  It would be an... Read more

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  5. Thumb_storia-sociale-media-gutenberg-internet-5dd8da42-5851-4ba5-aec9-5ed8a3be40e8
    • 1985
    • Bookshop: Librairie Alphabets (France)
    • Bibliographic details: S. l., Éditions Les Incunables, 1985; in-folio (305 x 401 mm), 1344 pp. + 9 pl. hors-texte, reliure d'éditeur pleine percaline, coloris rouge vif, dos lisse, pièce de titre vert foncé, pièce de tomaison terre de Sienne. Sommaire : 1re partie : Présentation historique ; Chapitre Ier : Gutenberg et l'Invention de l'Imprimerie. Chapitre II : la Bible à quarante-deux lignes. Chapitre III : La Bible de Gutenberg aujourd'hui. Chapitre IV : l'Exemplaire de la Bibliothèque mazarine. 2me partie : Transcription et Traduction : Ancien Testament ; Nouveau Testament. Read more
    • Bookshop: Antiquariat Schwarz (Germany)
    • Bibliographic details: 26 x 18,6 cm. 13 S. Original Karton mit Deckeltitel. Einband minimal lichtrandig, untere Ecke durchgängig ein klein wenig gestaucht, sonst in gutem Zustand. Bücher de Read more
  6. Thumb_galassia-gutenberg-nascita-dell-uomo-tipografico-c504c227-737c-416b-9bee-10d18bb9b679
    • Bookshop: Studio Bibliografico Marini (Italy)
    • Bibliographic details: Traduzione di Stefano Rizzo, introduzione all'edizione italiana di Giampiero Gamaleri . 16mo. pp. 384. . Molto buono (Very Good). . . . Read more
    • Bookshop: Erik Tonen Books (Belgium)
    • Bibliographic details: cartonnage illustré, in English, 330 pagina's, . ISBN 9780888442086. The history of the book in the late Middle Ages is associated especially with Gutenberg?s momentous invention of printing with movable type. Printing, however, hardly replaced the manuscript book overnight; in respect to content, materials, format, decoration, dissemination, and technique, the fifteenth century in German-speaking lands witnessed an extraordinary range of innovation and experimentation. Nonetheless, over a century of scholarship has tended to dismiss the illuminated manuscripts produced in central Europe be... Read more
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  10. Thumb_pionniers-industrie-gutenberg-bernard-palissy-denis-9d5e7b34-2014-4705-8eaa-044e5f664e96
    • Bookshop: Le-Livre / Le Village du Livre (France)
    • Bibliographic details: NON DATE. In-8. Cartonné. Etat d'usage, Plats abîmés, Dos abîmé, Intérieur frais. 160 pages augmentées de quelques portraits en noir et blanchors texte dont Frontispice.. . . . Classification Dewey : 920-Biographie générale et généalogie Read more
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