Everything about Mountains

Snowy peaks, untouched landscapes, the great conquests, the climbers feats, Everest, Alpi, Kilimanjaro, breath-taking stories about men and nature. Are you looking for excursions, paths or refuges?The winter make us t... Read more

Christmas Holiday: Seaside, Mountains and lots of travels

Christmas is coming and with it also coming time for family, loves and friends.Do you know a better occasion to sped time with your relatives or friends, enjoying a sunset on warm tropical beach or a hot chocolate in ... Read more

Christmas with Peanuts

Christmas is  not Christmas without Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Linus and all their friends.Enduring strip (published for the first time on October 2nd 1950, it has been closed on January 3rd 2000, when the author, Ch... Read more


Buy an art catalogue for Christmas! Read more

Gustave Doré

Paul Gustave Doré, born in Strasbourg in 1832, was a painter,  engraver, designer and litographer, famous everywhere for his Dante Divina Commedia's illustration (1861 – 1868).He left his hometown for Paris, wher... Read more

The International Red Cross Movement

The International Red Cross  is a voluntary relief movement.its activities are based  on respect for the individual, on the principle of help without discrimination or distinction of nationality, race, relig... Read more

4th November 1918. The Armistice

On November 4, 1918 at three o'clock in the afternoon came into force the armistice, signed the previous day at Villa Giusti, near Padua. The agreement, signed by the Chief of the Italian Staff, Pietro Badoglio, and ... Read more

Pier Paolo Pasolini. Life, Works and Death

In the early morning of November 2nd 1975, on Ostia’s beach a woman found the dead body of Pier Paolo Pasolini, punched till death, with apparently no reason. Paolini is conside... Read more

Halloween. Ghosts, Spirits and Witches

Few days to go, and the dead will return on the Earth, to mix with living people. Nordic and Anglo-Saxon tradition, Halloween has become a fix appointment also for us, with fan... Read more

Arthur Miller. 100 years between life and drama

100 years ago, on October 17th 1915, Arthur Miller, playwright and comedy writer, born in New York.Legend in his field, we worked a lot in cinema and theater's industry, offering to the audience a new v... Read more