Italian Touring Club

On November 8, 1894 a group of 57 cyclists founded in Milan the "Touring Club Italiano", initially born as "Touring Club Ciclistico Italiano" whose main purpose is the dissemination of the bicycle. The first pres... Read more

Rare and Valuable Books

Trust between buyer and seller has always been very important.The more delicate the decision about what you are buying, the more important trust is.Speaking of valuable books, antique or modern, trust is even more imp... Read more


During the First World War in Italy, among the the braviest soldiers we find the Alpine Corps.The "Compagnie Alpine" was born in 1872 upon a revolutionary idea of ​​general Domenico Perrucchetti: move the line of defe... Read more

Great Exhibition

Expo 2015 will be hosted by Milan, between May, 1st and October, 31st.The first Great Exhibition took place in London, in 1851. Among the past Exhibitions we remember Paris 1889 and 1900 and Milan 1906.Expo left its m... Read more

American Civil War

In 1861, when Abraham Lincoln became president, 7 states (Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina and Texas) proclaimed the independency of a Confederation of states, under the presidency of ... Read more

Otto von Bismarck

Otto von Bismarck was born on April 1st, 1815 to Schönhausen , and died in Friedrichsruh on July 30th, 1898. He was a great statesman (Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Prussia for almost thirty years) and the real mas... Read more

Joseph Nicéphore Niépce

Niépce was born in Chalon sur Saône on 7th March 1765 and died in Saint Loup de Varennes on 5th July 1833.After patenting a new engine in 1807, he spent his life looking for a method that could create images directly ... Read more

Marc Chagall

Marc Chagall, whose name was originally Moishe Segal, was born from a jewish family in Vitebsk on 7th July 1887.After participating to the russian Revolution, he had to escape in France in 1923; he had then to es... Read more

Keith Haring e la Pop Art

Welcome to our page dedicated to Keith Haring: together with Jean-Michel Basquiat, he has been  one of pop art’s stars.Born in Kutztown, Pennsylvania, on 4th May 1958, Keith Haring begins his artistic life in 197... Read more

Aldus Manutius and italics

Aldus Manutius was born in Bassanio in 1452 (or perhaps in 1449-50). After studying in Rome, and having lived in Ferrara and Carpi, Manutius moved to Venice, where he opened a publishing house and began printing, espe... Read more