Amor librorum: the bibliophilia

Bibliophilia, love of books. That is the passion in reading and collecting books, usually paying particular attention to the quality of the edition, the rarity, etc.. Writer and journalist Arrigo Cajumi gives an amusi... Read more

Love poems

“Yes Yes/ when God created love he didn't help most/ when God created dogs He didn't help dogs/ when God created plants that was average/ when God created hate we had a standard utility/ when God created me He created... Read more

The Biblioteca Romantica

The Biblioteca Romantica is a series of Mondadori books created in 1931, but whose project had already been in the pipeline for a few years. The series has a list of 50 titles and can be considered a testimony ... Read more

Leonardo da Vinci: 500 years later

500 years after his death, Leonardo da Vinci is a name that still today arouses deep admiration for the genius he showed in the field of literary, pictorial and scientific arts and, above all, for the cultural heritag... Read more

Amos Oz

The Israeli writer Amos Oz passed away at 79, counted among the "bigs" of world literature and considered the "giant" of dialogue. A writer who has given strength, through his novels also engaged in politics ("A Tale ... Read more

Fairy Tales

Fairy tales, that have accompanied us since childhood, are perhaps the stories that we still remember with the most vividness, those that, to name them only, like Pinocchio, Snow White or Cinderella, make us smile. Wh... Read more

First Editions

In the field of books, and especially in collecting, we hear about the first edition or original edition. The term "first edition" refers to the first publication of a printed work; it is often the case that the term ... Read more

independent publishers

From the reading of a proposal to its publication, it takes a long time... and the publishers know it well! Perhaps those publishers who have been given the term "independent" know this even better, not because their ... Read more

The magic world of Harry Potter

Launched with an initial print run of just 500 copies, Harry Potter has set in motion a phenomenon that has now reached more than 450 million copies sold and translated into 79 languages. When it comes to book collect... Read more