Love poems

“Yes Yes/ when God created love he didn't help most/ when God created dogs He didn't help dogs/ when God created plants that was average/ when God created hate we had a standard utility/ when God created me He created... Read more

The Biblioteca Romantica

The Biblioteca Romantica is a series of Mondadori books created in 1931, but whose project had already been in the pipeline for a few years. The series has a list of 50 titles and can be considered a testimony ... Read more

Leonardo da Vinci: 500 years later

500 years after his death, Leonardo da Vinci is a name that still today arouses deep admiration for the genius he showed in the field of literary, pictorial and scientific arts and, above all, for the cultural heritag... Read more

Blue Monday... Book Monday!

Who says Blue Monday is the saddest day of the year? On Blue Monday becomes Book Monday, the happiest day for fans of old, used, rare and new books! Look for your book among more than 700,000 discounted... Read more

...and the sales don't end!

New year, new books... or nearly new! In this page you will find all the books with any kind of discount applied by the bookshops on the occasion of the sales! Browse through about 500,000 proposals and... Read more

Amos Oz

The Israeli writer Amos Oz passed away at 79, counted among the "bigs" of world literature and considered the "giant" of dialogue. A writer who has given strength, through his novels also engaged in politics ("A Tale ... Read more

Christmas Sales at - 50%

If it is true that at Christmas we are all better, is no less, and even less so are the participating bookstores. In this section you can browse through all the books offered discounted by 50%. Take adv... Read more

Christmas Tales

Christmas is the most anticipated holiday of the year. The reasons are many: the atmosphere, the traditions to live together, the meeting with loved ones, maybe in front of a nice warm fireplace and with a book in han... Read more

Fairy Tales

Fairy tales, that have accompanied us since childhood, are perhaps the stories that we still remember with the most vividness, those that, to name them only, like Pinocchio, Snow White or Cinderella, make us smile. Wh... Read more