Winter is the time for good reads

This morning, Winter is rubbing its cloudy back on the school’s window panes, like an old grey cat:it plays magic tricks with the fog, it makes houses disappear and reappear; with its snow paws, it whitens the ground ... Read more

Fratelli Alinari, images from the world

In 1852 the brothers Leopoldo, Giuseppe and Romualdo Alinari set up a photographic laboratory in the heart of Florence. Over time, the company will become a leader in photographic publishing both nationally and intern... Read more

Alda Merini

Birth is the best event in our lives. In the natural body of being there is all the unfolding of what he will be tomorrow, of the loves he will encounter, of the sweaters, of his personal cinisms, until his death. At ... Read more

A light Autumn breeze...

The sky was clear and serene. As the sun rose behind the mountain, its rays brightened the opposite summits, and thence rapidly spread themselves over the declivities and valleys; a light autumn breeze played through ... Read more

Edgar Allan Poe

Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary, Over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore-While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping, As of some one gently rapping, rapp... Read more

The road goes ever on and on...

“Good Morning!" said Bilbo, and he meant it. The sun was shining, and the grass was very green. But Gandalf looked at him from under long bushy eyebrows that stuck out further than the brim of his shady hat. "What do ... Read more

Edgar Degas

Hilaire German Edgar De Gas, this is the original spelling of the surname of a noble family of Languedoc. Undesidered to the Republicans, he fled the guillotine and took refuge in Naples. He attended the Royal Academy... Read more

Ugo Foscolo

Never will I touch your sacred shore again where my young form reclined at rest, Zakynthos, regarding yourself in waves of the Greek sea, where Venus was virgin born, and made those islands bloom with her first smile;... Read more

Charles Baudelaire

I love to watch the fine mist of the night come on, The windows and the stars illumined, one by one, The rivers of dark smoke pour upward lazily, And the moon rise and turn them silver. I shall see The springs, the su... Read more

Ceci n'est pas un... livre

Everything we see hides another thing, we always want to see what is hidden by what we see. There is an interest in that which is hidden and which the visible does not show us. This interest can take the form of a qui... Read more

Umberto Saba

I traversed the entire town. Then I climbed a steep slope, crowded at first, deserted further up, closed by a low wall: a nook where I sit alone; and it seems to me that where it ends the town ends too. Trieste has a ... Read more