It's quite usual, in the market of rare books, that a customer may buy expensive items in installments (up to a maximum of 5 months): delivery of the items takes place after payment of the full amount.

How does it work?

If you buy for an amount greater than 300 € (from a single bookseller) you can choose "Installments" as a method of payment.
We will contact you to choose the best installment plan for you and the bookseller.

Interest-free, no financial costs

The installment will not involve any financial charges, no charges for opening and closing practice, and no interests to pay!
The bookseller will make the shipment only after the payment of the last installment.

Money back guaranteed

Maremagnum will fully refund you if you paid only some installments, and you don't not want to complete the payment.

What are you waiting for?

Browse our valuable books section, don't miss an opportunity like this, buy and pay by installments!